Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weight Loss at it's easiest - DR and Drops

Here's the deal. At about age 42 I started gaining weight crazy-fast. A few pounds a month for months at a time. I had been blessed until then, keeping pretty close to my college weight. But suddenly everything changed, and nothing I did could stop the horrible momentum.


I know you are all waiting for the easy fix...

Until I moved to the Dominican Republic. And though it worked, it was not planned, or an "easy" or inexpensive way to lose weight.

I and others have lots of theories as to why the pounds shed off me on three different occasions after arriving in the DR. But if I knew why for sure, I should have been able to repeat it in the US. Instead, every time I came home I packed those pounds right back on.

But I did find an easy way over a year after coming home, and I want to share it with you. For a bit more information about why I chose this brand, you can see another page on this site:

Or you can go straight to the company through my link to The Official HCG Diet Plan.

Free Shipping on HCG Diet Plans

Good luck and get healthy and thin! Heather J. Kirk

P.S. Let me know how it goes so I can share with and encourage others also.

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