Friday, February 17, 2012


Heather J. Kirk has read Jerusalem Maiden, a novel by Talia Carner

This novel is excellent, but above all a tragedy. It reveals many sides to issues of religion and art, yet never gives an "answer" - what most of us really want. Yet we are meant to grapple with these issues (whether separately or in conjunction to one another) for ourselves and with our God - to find our own answers.

Quote, spoken by Mademoiselle Thibaux, Esther's teacher:

"When God finished creating the world, He had one more task: to hide the Primordial Light. But where could He hide it? If He hid it in the sky, man would eventually soar up and find it. If He hid it in the earth, man would eventually dig deep enough to reach it. Then the answer occurred to God: He would hide the secret light inside every person. That's the one place Man might fail to search." ...
"In Judaism, the Hidden Light is found in the Torah," Esther finally said. ... "It's granted to men only," she added.

"The Primordial Light is hidden especially in girls, except that often they're unaware of it," Mademoiselle Thibaux replied. "Each must find her way the claim it."

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