Monday, February 6, 2012

Carnival has already begun in the Dominican Republic - history and photos

Interesting info - and another first for the Dominican Republic: It is thought that Rep├║blica Dominicana was the first place in the Americas to observe the pre-Lenten carnival custom. The celebrations became an escape of the pressures and rigidity of religious tradition. By the late 1700's carnival had become a major celebration. Then when Dominican Republic won their independence February 27,1844 the celebration evolved to encompass the Independence Day commemorations as well. Finally, becoming what it is today. Beginning the traditional carnival with the pre-lenten celebrations, the climax concluding with the Independence Day observances. Combining both celebrations and making the entire month of February a celebration and time for enjoyment. Source and to see more...

In February, Independence and Carnival are celebrated in the Dominican Republic - in honor of which I'll be adding some of my own photos throughout the month.

Photos copyright by Heather J. Kirk

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