Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let #Jesus Grow Up After #Christmas

Many people who do not believe that Jesus is our Savior still celebrate Christmas. It's easy to celebrate by exchanging Him for Santa Clause or keeping Jesus a little baby and making it into a great big birthday party.

But Jesus did not come to stay a child, but to teach and to become a sacrifice for us, to be our Savior.

We cannot keep Jesus a baby in our lives, or we will remain babies in our faith. We cannot grow and represent Him and fulfill His purpose for our lives until we accept Him for everything He was and is. A baby born of a virgin, God come to earth as a man, the Creator of the Universe and our individual lives, the angry man who cast the money changers out of the temple, and the forgiver of the sins who dined with tax collectors and prostitutes, and the One who meets us after we die and sends us to the left or to the right. and the One who understands we can never do what He asks of us on our own and therefore does it for us, through His Holy Spirit.

Mary knew. Everything about Jesus' life was pre-planned from the beginnings of the earth. Everything about Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament.

Did Mary know who this incredible, miraculous baby was? Mary knew. Do you?

Heather J. Kirk

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas Highway - Does it ever arrive at my heart?

How do we get ourselves ready for Christmas?

From Isaiah 40:3 "The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God," Reverend Tim Smith suggests we "Make a highway for Him into your lives. Your Deliverer comes." (

It makes me wonder about the path to my own heart.

Is it an open highway or a narrow winding pathway. Or, I must consider, is it an impossible maze or littered with obstacles and debris?
Heather J. Kirk

Monday, December 3, 2012

California Prop 37 Opponent Funders inadvertently have labeled their own foods as GMO for us!

Good to know, since California fails to protect us - votes no on Prop 37

California, known for being well ahead of the curve in protecting our health, failed to pass Proposition 37 – which required labeling GMO foods.

As of Wednesday morning, 94.8% of California’s Election Day votes have been counted. Here’s where Prop 37 vote totals stand (from the California Secretary of State):

·       ·        Yes (support GMO labeling) – 4,194793 (47%)
·       ·        No (oppose GMO labeling) – 4,723,681 (53%)

“Nationwide polls consistently show around 90% of Americans support GMO labeling, and a month ago California polls showed over 60% supported labeling.” So how could this happen?
It appears that enough Californians were swayed by money – I mean commercials.

Then, large food conglomerates pooled their funds to oppose to the measure and outspent the citizens Right to Know campaign nearly 6-to-1 ($45 million to $8 million).

Here is the list of the top donors that opposed labeling:

Company                                                 Amount

MONSANTO COMPANY                                  $8,112,069
E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO.                  $5,400,000
PEPSICO, INC.                                             $2,145,400
BASF PLANT SCIENCE                                  $2,000,000
BAYER CROPSCIENCE                                  $2,000,000
DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC                            $2,000,000
SYNGENTA CORPORATION                           $2,000,000
KRAFT FOODS GLOBAL, INC.                       $1,950,500
NESTLE USA, INC.                                      $1,461,600
COCA-COLA NORTH AMERICA                      $1,455,500
GENERAL MILLS, INC.                                 $1,230,300
CONAGRA FOODS                                       $1,176,700
KELLOGG COMPANY                                      $790,700
SMITHFIELD FOODS, INC.                               $683,900
DEL MONTE FOODS COMPANY                        $674,100
CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY                           $598,000

Supporters of what was originally a grassroots effort are, not surprisingly, individuals, natural health companies, organics food companies and family farms:, Organic Consumers Fund, Kent Whealy, Nature’s Paths Foods Inc. Fine Natural Food Products, The Stillonger Trust, Dr. Bonners Magic Soaps, Lundburg Family FarmsGreat Foods of America, Alex Bogusky (Fearless Revolution), Amy’s Kitchen, Big Hen Group, Clif Bar, Cropp Cooperative Inc. Organic Vally, Ali Partovi, Organic Consumers Association.

Sources:  (An important note - articles seem to deceivingly use pictures of tomatoes. Most if not all tomatoes are definitely hybrids, but very unlikely to be GMOs.)

Heather J. Kirk