Thursday, February 16, 2012

Constitution 101 - offered to lawmakers (and anyone else interested) for free!

Many in our country, particularly those in elected leadership, have strayed from the principles of individual liberty the Constitution upholds.

This course on the U.S. Constitution will be offered online and at no charge to everyone who wants to understand and defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which our nation was founded!

Hillsdale College is offering a no-cost 10 week online Constitution course based on the course their students must complete, in order to graduate.

"Constitution 101" begins on February 20, 2012, and concludes the week of April 30. Each week "students" will download the curriculum and can see a video - downloaded as convenient.

It will cover such topics as the Declaration of Independence and its connection to the Constitution, how the Constitution is structured to protect individual liberty and ensure good government, the crisis of constitutional government faced by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and its modern challenges during the "Progressive" era.

Shared by Heather J. Kirk

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