Monday, November 16, 2015

Gathering - "God's Little Blessings Series"

It's been too long since my last post in a series called "God's Little Blessings - because they all add up and they all matter..." I share here a conversation to demonstrate that not only are there blessings, but we can trust that things are happening "behind the scenes". Sometimes we are blessed to know about them, other times we may never know.
I like how this friend describes prayer - "accepted" and "gathering". No, we don't always get the 'vending machine answers' we want or expect, but they are heard:
Friend: First I would like to tell you thank you for praying the other day. I swear to god from that day on I didn't get not even one pain. I think God accepted our prayer. Thank you.
Me: Thank you so much for sharing with me that the prayer made a difference. I know deep in my heart that it does, but every once in awhile I feel like He doesn't hear, then someone like you reminds me that He does. Praise God! And many blessings to you my friend.
Friend: Oh, God hears all the time and God loves gathering prayers.
"Rise Festival Lanterns 2014 Horizontal Ground And Sky #1"
copyright Heather J. Kirk and PhotoGraphic Artistry and Publishing
part of an Asian tradition but for me it represented sending
prayers, dreams and wishes into the Heavens.

Heather J. Kirk Art by Heather J. Kirk
Literature by Heather J. Kirk

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