Saturday, November 21, 2015

Small Business Saturday® founded by American Express to help bring more business to small businesses

I've heard of Small Business Saturday of course, but never knew its origin. Time to give credit where credit is due!

"Nov. 28 is Small Business Saturday®, a day founded by American Express to help bring more business to small businesses everywhere. Find out how to use the day to help your business connect with your local community and encourage customers to show their love when they Shop Small."

Why should small businesses continue to keep AmEx, a HUGE business, in the forefront? Why not? They have the power to bring attention to an important issue that small businesses can't.

For example:

Here is how American Express OPEN forum interprets this report: "A 2012 study by Civic Economics, a company that analyzes the impact of buying local, has found that local businesses are known to have a “multiplier effect” on their communities—the idea that every dollar spent at a local, independently owned business can stay in the community and help generate a far greater economic value. But it’s not just about the economy: Research shows that vibrant local business communities lead to more charitable giving in a community and more walkable neighborhoods with unique character, according to Michael H. Shuman, an economist and author who specializes in community economics."

Remember that many internet only based businesses fall under Small Businesses. And they definitely help you to avoid the CRUSH of bodies... Especially when artists can now provide a variety of gifts as well as art, such as throw pillows like this one by Photographic Artistry by Heather J. Kirk.

And how crazy would it be to sleep in the hand of the Buddha, in a bed with such a Duvet Cover.

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