Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How not to ask for "stupid" help...

Next in a series called "God's Little Blessings - because they all add up and they all matter...":

There are some really basic things that any girl, all right let's not be sexist, that any person should know how to do without looking it up. In this case, how to bake a potato. I mean I know - piece it a few time, bake it, right! But at what temperature, for how long? These things are important enough for me to want to know...but not important enough for me to remember, lol!

But if I called or texted to ask you, "How do you bake a potato?" wouldn't you be irritated? "JUST bake it!"
 or "JUST Google it!" (That's what happens when you try to copy and paste Google's logo by the search bar.)

So that I did, and I am grateful that people are able to make a whole blog post out of baking a potato.

How To Bake a Potato: Three Easy Methods  (Their picture, not mine)

And then I can double check on another search to make sure the directions are pretty much the same for using a toaster oven...which is my definition of baking ... which is why I need help. :)

Here is my lovely picture.

What are those gashes, you ask. Those were my delicate attempts to remove the eyes...

 Heather J. Kirk Art by Heather J. Kirk
Literature by Heather J. Kirk

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