Monday, September 22, 2014

Repeated "Floods of a Century" May Bring Up Discussions of Cloud Seeding

I am not huge on Conspiracy Theories...but I do have a few of my own, and my guess is you will start to hear more about one that has been nagging at me since the last few "storms of the century," and now that we can expect another to follow the hurricane in Los Cabos, Mexico. 


An article written in March of this year (2014) (linked below) claims it is only actively used by Central Arizona Project for snow, but if they are admitting it about snow after YEARS of experimenting, you can bet it is actively being tested to create rain. 

A quote from the article goes back to when it was proposed in 1987 and speaks of another mantra of mine: UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES - in this case outrageous flooding, which is unhelpful in terms of addressing drought as most of the water is not recaptured. 

              "In 1987, the federal Bureau of Reclamation proposed seeding clouds along the Mogollon Rim during the winter to see if they would produce increased precipitation. But the program died when cities and the state balked at paying their share of the $1.8 million cost.

               Goddard, who was mayor of Phoenix at the time, said there was "great concern about (cloud seeding's) effectiveness and about its unintended consequences" and cited possible flooding or decreased future rainfall. "I'm still concerned about those same things," he said."

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