Saturday, September 20, 2014

What is "Warranted" for Pro Sport Players Who Committ Domestic Violence May Not Be Best or Even Realistic

I am so glad that the NFL didn't go from one extreme (let's pretend domestic violence doesn't happen....until caught on camera) to the other extreme, as sugguested at one point, caught twice and you will never play in the NFL again.
Would they deserve it? YES.
Would it change a damn thing? NO.
And, yes my mantra of Unintended Consequences holds true here - a woman whose "fault" it was to get a man kicked out of pro sports would never report it. Why?
(1) Remember the mindset of an abused woman already is one of low self-esteem and wrongly thinking she actually deserves it somehow or did something  to cause it, and
(2) she would either be afraid, be threatened, or actually end up dead.
Yes, education is a much better way to go --- as long as there are real consequences, both in the league and with the law, to go along with it.

Heather J. Kirk
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