Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Small Change in Behaviour Can Create a Large Change in Destiny

It only takes One Degree of Change to make a difference. 

Thank you for this quote, Water From Rock...

"One day Chris was allowed to go up on the ship’s bridge, stand alongside the captain, and put his hands on the ship’s wheel.  The captain then directed Chris to turn the ship “one degree to starboard.”  Chris said that he turned the ship “one degree to starboard,” but felt nothing happen.  The captain explained that to keep on going in that one degree change of course would mean the difference between ending up in Havana, Cuba, and Savannah, Georgia."

          "What Chris’ story meant for me is that I might read my Bible and pray, or reach out to a needy person, and not feel a thing change in me.  But if I will only keep going in that direction, the next day, and the next, it can be for me like the difference between Havana and Savannah!   
Make a small change in course of direction and stick with it!"

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By Tim Smith On September 15, 2014


Heather J. Kirk
Art by Heather J. Kirk
Literature by Heather J. Kirk

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