Thursday, October 8, 2015

Will the REAL Heather J Kirk Please Stand Up!
Will the "real" Heather Kirk please stand up? (LOL!)

You've seen the ‪#‎modeling‬ pictures very recently...


Photos from my ‪#‎artevents‬ for over a decade:
Guzal, owner of Gravity Elements Frame and Art Gallery
with artist Heather J. Kirk

White Mare Approaches Number One
Close Up Black And White
copyright Heather J Kirk
Crop Top Palm copyright Heather J. Kirk


Missing Middle Bar Left Flipped Horizontal
copyright Heather J Kirk

Black Eyed Susan Series copyright Heather J Kirk
available through October 30, 2015
at Gravity Elements in Scottsdale, AZ 
Nestled copyright by Heather J. Kirk

Perhaps the "go to girl" fixing things.  I've been the professional art installer at ‪#‎HerbergerTheater‬ for perhaps 8 years!
Heather installing art at Herberger Theater Gallery

The "Seasons and Cycles" show curated by Georgia Michalicek is up! Check it out at a #Herberger Theater Center performance or during Box Office hours through January 3rd, 2016. Pictured here left to right (other than me): Bela Fidel's Calendar of Our Days II, Roger Spirit Feather Merritt's Storm and Ellen Bergstrom Nemetz's Reflexion 4.

Heather J. Kirk Art by Heather J. Kirk
Literature by Heather J. Kirk

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