Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Act Immediately - Help Restore Funding to Fight Child Labor

While one of the issues that I am passionate about ending is child and adult #sexualexploitation, #childlabor is so closely related it's hard to argue that one does not feed or even cause the other. Impoverished families, particularly in other parts of the world, tend to want children to contribute to #familyincome. Working children are placed in dangerous situations with adults who can easily exploit them away from a parent's watchful eye...or even (though we don't like to admit it) with a parent's explicit or implicit approval. A working child does not get an education, which perpetuates the likelihood of #poverty cycles continuing.

"The #InternationalLaborAffairsBureau - #ILAB - at the #DepartmentofLabor has worked for 20 years to reduce exploitative child labor through education. Last year the office received about $59 million, but now the entire funding for these programs is in serious jeopardy. The lack of funding for ILAB will leave #children, who would have been helped through these programs, at risk for exploitation. Fill out our* easy form to ask your members of #Congress to restore this critical #funding." (*World Vision)

Deadline to sign: October 11, 2015

Image provided by World Vision - Acton Alert

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