Friday, March 30, 2012

Decay in the Foundation

A friend who works in a dental office had told her son he needed to brush very careful all around his braces, so he didn't end up with decay under the metal bands. He took the advice very seriously, and paid special attention to keeping his braces extremely clean. When he got his braces off after two painful years, the dentist did not find a single cavity...near the bands. Instead he found several small cavities on the chewing surface. You see, he had paid so much attention to the braces, he forgot about the most obvious part of his teeth - where he chewed his food.

This is such a profound metaphor in our day to day lives. How many of us spend an inordinate amount of time focused on things like our jobs, being there for our friends, even serving in church - none of which are bad things - only to find we have completely neglected the foundations of our lives - family and God. And the result is that our lives begin to decay at the core.

Maybe it's time to brush up on the basics!

Heather J. Kirk

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