Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Coolest Mom in the World is Going to Romeo Santos Concert With Me

Wednesday Night I asked my mom to go to the Romeo Santos concert with me this Friday, March 23rd, in Phoenix. (Romeo is the lead singer of the band Aventura - gone solo). Bachata music is from Bronx, NY / Dominican Republic. Bachata is the hottest Latin music and dance trend since Salsa.

Don't know who Romeo (or Aventura) is? Get with it Arizona!

"The Formula Vol.1 album by Romeo Santos is the #1 Latin Album in the country for 16 weeks now! (source: neilson soundscan)" and "Congrats to Romeo Santos for winning 'Latin Songwriter of the year' for the 2nd year in a row at the ASCAP Latin Music Awards."

Still don't know who he is? Okay, he does the duet with Usher called Promise - he's the one who sings in Spanish. Hot video here - (parental advisory suggested ... I'm only partially kidding!) Now do you know who he is?

My mom asked, "Can't find anyone else to go with you?" "Nope." She wheeled and dealed with me. I had to agree to go to the American Idol concert with her in order for her to join me at the Romeo Santos concert. I don't mind, I went with her last year and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

My mom asked, "Will there be very many old, blond ladies there?" "Nope, it's possible there will be only two blond women there - you and me." How do I know this? Because I've been going Latin dancing lately, and I'm often the only blond in the house. I've also seen pictures of the HUGE lines of women who line up to meet Romeo (and Henry), get their CDs signed, and take a picture with them at various events around the country. ALL young Latina women. If guys want to meet women, their odds would be incredibly good at one of these CD signings or concerts.

Mom getting her daily cappuccino in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, DR.

Anyway, did the likelihood that we would stand out like two American tourists on the inland-side of Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, scare off the coolest mother in the world? No way. She spent the first two weeks with me on my 8 month stint in the Dominican Republic - being exactly like that!

I love you mom! Heather
Heather J. Kirk

Me and friend Kilvio at the inland (non-tourist) Adrian Tropical location.

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