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Calendar Memoirs - The Blog I Won't Regret

January 21, 2012: I "read" a new book every few days – the quotations around the word 'read' are because I actually listen to downloaded audiobooks while I check my e-mail, surf the web, work on photos. It helps pass the time and keep me going when I would otherwise get bored, tired (unfortunately too often) or want to quit.

(Yes, that's a picture of a digital bookworm - I sure wish it was cuter.) If you live in the Phoenix area and have a library card from your own city, you can check out digital audio books and download the WMA software here. If you live elsewhere, find out if your city has a Digital Library by googling.

The power of story is my motivator. How fitting then that a few lines from last night’s book are what make me start writing Calendar Memoirs – the blog I’ve been putting off for 6 months, maybe more.

Ask For It: How Women's can Use the Power of Negotiation by Linda Babcock, WMA Audio Book (Or buy Ask for It in paperback - Their first paperback book that led to this one is Women Don’t Ask)

Part Two, Phase 1, Chapter 2 (00:00): “What will you regret? Researchers have found that people experience two different kinds of regret. Regret about things they've done and regret about the things they didn't do. … When asked to identify the biggest regret in their life, people are 2 to 3 more times likely to describe something they didn't do instead of something they did.

So try approaching the question of what will make you happy from a different angle altogether. What will you regret not doing? … Is there's something you always planned to do but never got around to? How sorry will you feel if you never make it happen?“

This quote summarizes the number one reason why I am thankful that I stopped everything and moved to the Dominican Republic on January 19th of 2010. I felt so strongly that I was supposed to go, and even though I can’t tell you exactly what I was supposed to do there, or what I accomplished, I can tell you I will never have to wonder “What if…?”

I also know that many of my life lessons from that time have come months or even a year later. And like many of you, I learn a lot about myself by writing. I created a list called “What I learned about life while in the Dominican Republic” that I’ll share with you in this blog – perhaps a little at time. Those who have seen it feel what I learned has opened their own eyes about their own lives, wherever they are – because oddly, the lessons have nothing to do with the location.

Share with me as I flit from year to year and place to place in Calendar Memoirs. Insight and philosophy based on day to day habits and adventures - what I see and what I learn, hopefully helping you to see your own lives and relationships in new and amazing ways, and of course what I’ve done (a bit of a travel guide – in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Arizona, Chicago, California, even your own town). We’ll take walks, go to art galleries, the theater, see movies, read books, take nature hikes and take photos, visit friends and family and eavesdrop on my life.

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