Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why "windows" was in quotes...

A friend recently reminded me that I had promised to explain why I put "window" in quotes, when I told you that I saw my dream house from my own "window.” First let me say that I did a lot of research before looking for a place to live, and through the experience of others I made a list of questions to ask. I have to say it was a very helpful list - otherwise I would have had many more surprises. One thing that was not on my list was "windows" in the "windows.” I guess by that I mean "glass.” But what do you call a window without glass? Is it still a window? Let me clarify with a picture...

That's it - metal blinds that go up and down - two sets per "window,” one top and one bottom. (While we're at it - forget all you ever knew about lefty loosy and righty tighty. Two and a half months in this room, and even though I made up a new rhyme to help me remember how to open and close my "windows," I rarely remember "left to lower, right to raise.”)

Here are the negative aspects of window blinds without "windows" (I mean glass).

1. Noise - you hear absolutely everything that happens on the street, even if you are on the fifth floor.
2. Dust - it gets everywhere! Even when the blinds and curtains were closed for a week (while I went to the beach on vacation) I came back to very dirty dust everywhere.
3. Pollution - it all gets in as well.

Here are the (sort of) positive aspects of "windows" without glass.

1. You always have a little breeze. And if you want you can have a LOT of breeze.
2. Although they don't keep out dust or pollution very well, the blinds are actually pretty good at keeping out light, as I still sleep until noon (and still go to bed somewhere between 1 and 4 am.)
3. If I were to get caught in a hurricane, there would be no glass that might break and blow into the room.

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