Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally, the Jardin!

If you followed directions in my last blog, you clicked on the correct link and have already seen some of my Jardin Botanico Nacional de la Republica Dominicana waterlily photos. They look almost like watercolors...almost. But they are pure, un-photoshopped fine art photographs. The Waterlily Wash Series is my new "favorite.” Waterlily Photo Gallery

And for those of you who have already see this and all four images in the "Waterlily Wash" Series, here is a new nymphaeus for you lotus lovers - a preview of a few to come with dragon flies becoming intimate. God did a very interesting thing with that one! (Yes you have to wait...that's how I keep you coming back - and make sure I get at least a little bit of sleep before the brand new city rooster gets going at 4:30 am...)

I will continue to add new flowers periodically here, and more importantly to my on-line gallery. You can find out about new editions by following me on twitter (HJKirkPhotoArt) or ask to be Friends on Facebook (Heather Kirk).

Enjoy! Heather

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