Friday, April 14, 2017

 If you plan on filing a tax extension (yes, me too), but haven't done your Arizona tax Credit contribution yet, you have until April 18 for that also! Not sure how much to give? It's dollar for dollar...give to the State or give to a qualifying organization, so use last year AZ Amount Due to estimate how much to give. Don't worry about giving too much - it will carry over to next year if you are "too generous"! Though understand each has it's own MAX donation...and of course in each year you can't TAKE (give :) ) more credits than you OWE.

There are several kinds of Credits you can take, according to where your heart and passion lies. Then within each category there are LOTS of qualifying options. Each one has a page to use to donate for the credit. 

Not sure who to give to? The Arizona Department of Revenue provides an updated list of qualifying foster care organizations that are eligible for each type of credit.  
 About Christian Family Care
4) Additional “PLUS” Private School Credit (allowing donors to receive credit for contributions over and above the original private school tax credit),
5) Arizona Charitable (Working Poor Tax Credit) (,
6) The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Credit (
The list too big and want a suggestion? 
Submission page for Christian Family Care:  
The maximums for the Foster Care Charitable Organization, Contribution amounts eligible for credit: $500 for single filers/ $1,000 for joint filers.

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