Sunday, December 21, 2014

First in a Series of “The Duh-Huhs of Christmas”

First in a Series of “The Duh-Huhs of Christmas”

I’ve been trying to figure out why saying “Merry Christmas” is offensive to people in retail stores. (Duh Huh, people are buying CHRISTMAS gifts!) I tried to put the shoe on the other foot…what if someone said to me “Happy Hannakuh!” What would my response be? Probably just “Happy Hannukuh!” back. Or if I was in a wordy mood, “Oh, you celebrate Hannukuh? Have a wonderful celebration!” But that isn’t quite the same as someone who isn’t religious at all. So what would be a good parallel? What if someone said to me “Happy Saturnalia”? Would I be horrified? Offended? Yell at the person? (As happened to a clerk at Nordstroms who got yelled at for saying Merry Christmas, and she has decided to keep saying it anyway… Good for her.)

Possible responses to “Happy Saturnalia!”

1. Oh, is it that time of year  already? My how time flies!”
2. It is a happy day! I can’t wait to get past the winter solstice to longer (and warmer) days!
3. That’s the third time today someone has called me a Pagan. I really need to work on that… (Oh, don’t get all upset, a true Pagan would find that funny.)

What would you do or say?

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