Sunday, January 13, 2013

Remembering Warmer days - Santiago DR, June 2012

So darn cold in Phoenix, AZ. 27 degrees last night - HUH? I've been here since 1987 and never remember a slew of nights so cold. So I decided to call up a memory to warm me up.

La Vena Concert (Lenny and Max of Aventura + Steve Styles). Fantastic!

And yes, a bit warm (okay hot...) in Santiago, Dominican Republic at Andy's Ranch.

I weaseled my way into the VIP section. They were hesitant to seat us there, not because  we aren't true VIP, but because it was in the sun. I told them, "I'm white, I like the sun." And though I'm not sure the others agreed about the sun (one Dominican, the other ending up sunburned), we were soon in shadow and ended up with PERFECT seats!

And who else was in the VIP section with us (in the shade the whole time...)? Luis Vargas!

Heather J. Kirk

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