Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heather Kirk: Invite to Dominican Gala and Seeking Sponsors and Auction Donations

My invitation here today has several aspects to it.

A.      To Attend an Event that is very special to me.
B.      To request donations for a Silent Auction – even if you don’t own a business,  I’ve come up  with several creative ideas for ways to participate.

C.      Seeking Corporate (or Small Business) Sponsors for the event – which would get your name before media, professional baseball players, celebrities and a middle to upper class Latino market.
A.      I’d like to invite you to join me at this year's Dominican Gala/Gran Gala Domnicana. I'm really excited to be a part of this event because there are so many things that come together in this event that are important to me personally.

1.       Celebrating the dance, music, food and Independence Day of the Dominican Republic.

2.       Youth - This event is a fundraiser for After School and Summer Therapeutic Dance and Art Programs for children and families in poverty, at-risk or victims of abuse. It has been more than 10 years since I had to stop working in Social Work due to my health. I have missed doing something that is purposeful and meaningful to those in need.

3.       Like Denise Ceballos Viner, President and Owner of Bella Q Dance Studios and Gran Gala Dominicana, dance was an integral part of my growing up and part of helping me get beyond my shyness. I believe it, and arts in general, are a powerful tool for transformation! I saw what a difference art can make in the art programs I created while working in inner-city schools: in behavior, self-esteem, and something we seem to have forgotten, in academic success!

I would like to invite you to join me on February 23, 2013 at 6pm at Crescent Crown Distributing

1640 W. Broadway Mesa, AZ 85202, and afterward at 10 pm for a dance party with live traditional Dominican music at The Hilton – Phoenix East/Mesa, 1011 West Holmes Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85210.

For more information see http://www.bellaqdancestudio.com/Gran_Dominican_Gala_php.php or Contact me for tickets or purchase on-line.

$45 includes: Traditional Dominican dinner, drinks, celebrity speakers, entertainment and the after-party with a live band!

I’d love to see you there!

B.                  I am in charge of the Silent Auction. That means several things:
1.       My art will be available for bidding on, at potentially a nice price! I have several other artist friends who will also be generously donating.

2.       We are going to have quite a few nice items up for auction – great opportunities to try something new. You can preview her. I’m just starting to post things, so it will be updated several times a week.  http://www.photographicartistry.citymax.com/GranGalaAuctionPreview.html

3.       Yes, you guessed it, I am asking that you consider donating items to the auction. I’ve done some brainstorming, and even if you do not have a business, there are ways you can still give.


- A great bottle of red wine someone gave you – but you only drink white. Or vice versa.- That gift card you got for Christmas to a store you never go to.
- That piece of clothing in your closet, never worn, still with the tags on.
- One show from your season tickets to the theater you got, but you’ll be out of town on that date. *
- A signed copy of a book you have written. Or a signed music CD!
- A few extra tickets in to the ball game, or space in a box.
- A certificate from your seamstress, hair dresser, manicurist, spa or massage therapist who wants to find new clients.
- An item of your own creation: art, notecards, throw pillows, a gift basket you put together.
- Gift certificates to restaurants. *
- A weekend at an in-town or nearby time share that you won’t be able to use. *
- If you have your own business, items or certificate. *

 *Tickets must be for AFTER February 23rd. Gift Certificates must have at least 4 months on them, preferably 6 months – 1 year.

There are promotional benefits to giving. Contact me to find out more.

C.      And finally, we are looking for Sponsors! We have many levels of giving, from sponsoring a child, to getting a booth, to being a Super Sponsor for a specific need – like flying in a speaker or providing for their hotel.

If you have wanted to break into the Latin market, this is a particularly good opportunity for you. Your name will get before a high-end clientele of Latinos, including Major League Baseball players, political figures, celebrities, doctors, lawyers and educators, as well as the major Spanish language media outlets in Arizona.

I hope you will be interested in joining me in some way in this very special effort. It means a lot to me.
I have fliers and applications available for anyone who is interested. Please e-mail: HJKirk@juno.com
Heather J. Kirk

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