Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5000 promises to conserve water and SRP gives a $5000 grant to Homeward Bound!

SRP's Promise (what's yours?):  When you pledge to save water, you're joining other thoughtful Arizona residents who want to make a difference. What's more, your support helps Homeward Bound.

When we reach 5,000 pledges, we'll celebrate by giving Homeward Bound a $5000 water-saving makeover. It'll help them reduce their water costs so they can assist even more Arizona families.


Homeward Bound assists homeless and domestic violence families with children achieve economic independence, and secure long-term, safe housing. They also work to break the cycle of homelessness and domestic violence. Homeward Bound started in 1990 with one family and one house. Today, they manage 155 housing units and help nearly 600 people – 400 of whom are children. Click here to learn more about Homeward Bound.

Discovered by Heather J. Kirk

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