Monday, October 10, 2011

Changing Banks is a Process - Take it Slow

In my October 7th Blog "When it Comes to Money - Lets Strive for a "C" in the School of Life!" I expressed changing banks is always an option - but do your research. So I've done mine as well, and want to share what it takes to do it right. To be blunt - it takes a few months.

In this electronic instant money world, most of us have automatic deposits and automatic withdrawals. That means finding the right balance for awhile - having money in two different banks while you handle the details can be tricky.

And hopefully you make entries in your checkbook - so you know what amounts have not cleared yet. I know too many people who check their balances every day on-line, and think that's what they can spend. Then they are shocked when they are overdrawn the next day and are hit with huge fees. Outstanding checks need to be accounted for, plus a cushion, when you withdraw money and put it into your new bank.

Changing automatic payments to a new account may require you to write a check for the in-between month. You'll want to write it from your NEW account - so make sure you have enough money in that account to cover your payments. Ah yes, all you who hated math and said you would never have to use it in real life - sorry, you do!

Here's a fantastic step-by-step resource on making the change to a new bank - after you do the research and decide whether or not it is actually worth it.

In fact, Consumer Union's Defend Your Dollar seems to be a great resource on many financial issues.

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