Friday, March 4, 2011

bonding through sneakers

Last night I watched the movie (DVD) Children from Heaven. In this Iranian film (English subtitles or choice between Farsi and French languages) a brother and sister are forced to share one pair of sneakers. Through their secret and their stuggles a sweet bond grows, though it stays real - with the same frustrations all siblings cause one another. Though I'm not sure why, I was surprised and reminded that chilren are children, the whole world over. We are not all that different in the end.

From our omnipresent view we begin to see that thier struggles may indeed bring great blessings, even when they themselves connot yet see it.

I think, "I wish my life were like this movie" - not in the plot itself, but that I could get prophetic glimpes of how each trial might make me stronger or bring me amazing opportunities I would otherwise not be prepared to face or prevail over. I wish I could see what was happening on the other side of the city, or the other side of the world, "chance" encounters or a "random gift", like shoes being accidentally thrown out, and know for sure that difficulties could create beauty in life and in relationships. I want to learn how to accept those "misunderstandings" with the eyes and the creativity of a child.

(Children of Heaven is available through Netflix)

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