Thursday, August 5, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request and Send me your prayer needs

I sit writing from my laptop on the patio of a small private hotel in the city of Gazcue, about 6 blocks from the Zona Colonial where I want to live - though Gazcue would be fine as well. My hotel room has a mini refrigerator and down the hall I have the use of a poorly equipped kitchen. The youth hostel kind of environment provides interesting people to talk to from all over the world. but of course with a hotel room comes a daily bill, and I'm hoping to save my money for an apartment instead.

In June I saw several units that would have worked for me. They have all been leased out. The agent I liked the best this time had only one unit to show me - it had no doors between rooms. That meant to aircondition one room I would have to aircondition the whole place. And that is out of the question for anyone's budget. Even the large, nice house I "cared for" had A/C in the bedrooms only and were turned on only when you were in there, if necessary.

A very small studio with no closet is available on the 9th of August. (no closet ladies, did you read that? God help me!) Today I will see another unit I found advertised on the Internet. I responded to a very specific price. The agent wanted to know what price I could afford...I told her "The price that was advertised."

You can see why I need your prayers. I want something perfect (for me) and I want location and I want very inexpensive. It looks like that is impossible. But with God all things are possible.

I have been selfish in always wanting your prayers - for which I am very grateful. But I want to offer the same back. Please, if you have a need that I can pray for or a praise that I can join you in, let me know privately at

Thank you as always and may God's bounteous blessings be upon you!

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