Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Beautiful Family Reunion

Our family trip to Colorado was fantastic. We had three condos plus lock offs - the kids of each family (myself included) slept in those little studios - okay, not that little. Of course with connecting doors open for Scot and Stu's kids. We had three rooms all together in kind of our own wing - no other rooms there and any other rooms down a long hall. No one else even came by and we often left all the doors open and went visiting from room to room. Each family cooked on a different night. I cooked stewed chicken and black beans and rice on my night. Plus a little bit of Dominican rum. I don't drink, but if I did this "columbus Anejo" imported by a company in Mesa, Arizona would be my drink of choice.

Different groups of people did different things, but they included white water rafting (which I did), mountain biking, city biking, gondola rides, alpine slide and general fun park stuff, and a photo contest organized and judged by myself and my neice Bella, a budding photographer.

The whole place, Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, was wonderful. The town has successfully figured out how to turn a winter destination into a successful summer one as well.

Four Little Children Safe in a Big Beautiful World
We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday, but the real celebration was all of my mom's side of the family being together - parents, grandparent's children/grandchildren and aunt - for the first time EVER! A very nice time overall.

Then mom and Larry went on to the McGregor Family Reunion in Kansas, while I went home to pack up the condo a little better and fly back to Santo Domingo. While in Arizona I got to visit with some freinds, but not all regretably, and not for as long as I had hoped. I guess that means people will have to start planning their trips here in the Dominican Republic to visit me in the city, then take me with you to the beaches!

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