Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Mirror of our Inner Worlds

In writing about my experiences in the Dominican Republic I can’t help but write about the people I meet. Some are willing participants in my life, others play roles they have no choice over (like neighbors) or I have no choice about (like “tst-tst-ers” calling for my attention as I walk or sit anywhere at all). But none chose to be a part of an open diary or blog.

And I have decided not to tell them either, because it would change the way they interact with me; and they may check the blog and either be very happy or not so very happy regarding my interpretations.

Anyway, since this is really about me encountering a culture and a place, names are not used. I hope to provide clarity and continuity by creating “titles” for them (like Mom, which is not very anonymous) or by using 1st initials only, followed by ‘m’ or ‘f’ indicating male or female. For example, Heather would be H(f). If there were another Heather in the story, she would be H(f)2.

A blog, journal or personal narrative contains my thoughts, feelings and experiences, one person’s interpretation of what is going on in each situation or context; perhaps even more accurately, the experiences and therefore these writings, provide a mirror of what is going on inside of me. My goal is to, in return, be a mirror for your own inner worlds.

Let’s learn and grow together!

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