Tuesday, March 2, 2010

As Citizens of the Human Race We Must find Ways to Help Haiti: An Open Letter to My Nieces

I am so proud of you girls, the Kirk Family and John Hay Elementary School for not only wanting to help out victims of the earthquake in Haiti, but actually finding a way to help. Millions watch the news, feel so badly about it hundreds of thousands of dead, injured, and homeless Haitians, but don't know what they can do to help. But it is part of being a citizen of this world and the human race to make an effort and find a way to make a difference!

Your willingness to give out of your own piggy banks and to participate in a Read-a thon at your school that will support Project Hope is a kindness that will save lives and heal hearts.

Though I cannot help with money right now, I can help with encouragement, and I also can tell my own story.

When I decided threemonths ago, and bought my airplane ticket, to move to the Dominican Republic, I would never have guessed the timing of it. That I would be in the air with Haitians returning to their homeland in a desperate search for their missing family members; or with medical personel and rescue workers willing to risk their own lives and health to help others thery probably could not even communicate with;, and with journalists jsut as crucial to the rescue, by turning the world's eye and heart to the bottomless human pain and need - and thereby the conduits of releif.

But a week prior to my departure I knew the lieklihood was great . Even that I might be asked to give up my seat to one of them (but I was not).

Someone from the the Dominican Republic whom I met through Linked In - an on-line business networking site - told me he was buying a round trip bus ticket for a Haitian woman who he buys fruit from every day. He wanted to send some medical supplies with her and asked me if I would like to contribute, but it turned out she would not be able to take very much.

Still, it gave me the idea to go through my closet and collect any extra supplies I may have. I found two bottles of Colloidal Silver, which is a natural antibiotic, as well as aspirin and Neosporyn, etc. I also bought lots of gauze and two huge boxes of gloves (that almost put my suitcases over the weight limit!). Mom brought some things also, and we decided to just "look for people" to give them to, as random as that sounds.

My good friend from the Dominican Republic who is a taxi driver/tour guide has been running groups to and from Haiti every day, working so much that I have only seen him once for an hour. It is clear how what he sees day after day (the destruction, illness and the many bodies) weighs heavily on his spirit. And yet without him and many others like him, the arrival of workers and supplies would be even less than currently reaches the field. Still, I was not able to send supplies with him as I had hoped.

The second day in the Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo a man, seeing the seldom American face, walked up to mom and introduced himself, saying he was a part of a group of Vietnam Vets going into Haiti to provide medical help. After mom told me, it became my mission to find them again and pass on our supplies. A day and half later, we decided to gather it all up (a few bags and boxes) and walk through the hotel until we found them (again, a bit random). We found them in one of the restaurants, finishing dinner and ready to go to bed, as they would be leaving at 3 am.

They turned out to be a part of a larger group called HEART 9/11, various people who came together as a part of the World Trade Center Search and Rescue Team (as well as 9 months of follow up assistance there). The members have worked together since, with different volunteer teams going all over the nation and the world, wherever disaster assistance is needed. We were quickly introduced to the organization's founder and the team-leader of the Haiti Mission - William Keegan.
A bit about him that I just now found on their website www.heart911.org:
"A highly decorated Lieutenant in the Special Operations Division (S.O.D.) and a 20-year veteran of the Port Authority Police Department, Bill Keegan was Night Operations Commander of the WTC Rescue/Recovery Teams, and awarded the highest medal for the WTC 9/11 assault. His other awards include the 1993 WTC Bombing Medal of Valor for his rescue of school children trapped in a stalled elevator; the Hanratty Medal of Valor, over fifty police duty medals and is certified at the 400 level of the Incident Command System. Mr. Keegan is also a member of the NYPD and New Jersey Honor Legions."

I thought his name sounded familiar. He was so humble and kind. Expressing gratitude for every little thing. I wanted to make sure they had medical personnel as a part of the team, to properly administer the colloidal silver - which they did. The website says they just received $7.5 million from the Jeffries Group, yet he patiently and and graciously accepted my little bags and boxes, along with my suggestions on how to use three bottles of colloidal silver both topically and internally.

Oh, yes, the third bottle came as a personal donation by from the receptionist at a natural health practitioner's office across from my chiropractor's office. She was happy and releived to have some way to help!

I just want to tell you again how proud I am of you. Read lots and keep your minds and hearts open to others in need.

Love, Aunt Heather

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  1. I just read your blog again today. I am so happy that you have a supply of colloidal silver. We use that when we take plane rides etc. or if we're going to be in close contact with sick people. It works. Our last plane ride was full of sick, coughing, sneezing people and we didn't get sick. PRAISE GOD!!!

  2. P.S. Do you know the story about colloidal silver? It was during the war and there was a wealthy Jewish community who used silver plates, bowls, utensils etc. during their meals. They all stayed healthy during the 1918 flu outbreak that killed so many people, one of them my grandmother. It was because they were ingesting silver from their dinnerware. Rhona


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