Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Whatever NaBloPoMo is...I'm Doing It!

Just found a cool site called BlogHer that has a NaBloPoMo Challenge...and the weird thing is nowhere did they say "This is what NaBloPoMo means..." I try to figure it out, but it's not happening. I get my brain stuck on a phrase in Dominican Spanish 'Na pa ri' (they cut out end, beginning, middle of words willy nilly). Turns out THAT mean 'nariz para arriba' or nose up in the air, or stuck up...which has absolutely NOTHING to do with this challenge. But it is like having Twinkle Twinkle Little Star stuck in your head. Ain't no other thought can break in!

But basically I signed up based on this headline because I've wanted to do more regular blogging and I like the concept of accountability: Sign Up to Blog Every Day in November: You Could Win a Pass to #BlogHer17

Only now do I go back and fairly easily find the following paragraph on that very page, and not even hidden. First up it says: "Every November, thousands of bloggers pledge to post every single day (yep, weekends; yep, Thanksgiving too) for National Blog Posting Month. It's about creatively challenging yourself. It's about growing your readership. And it's also about joining in, discovering other blogs, connecting with one another."

And since I am really in need of an imagr, I'll try this cute little Badge right here!

NaBloPoMo November 2016

So, are you ready to read through this ride with me? Or take the National Blog Post Month Challenge with me? Sign up by November 5th here is you have every intention of being a daily blogger this month.

They'll give you some Blogging Prompts even (which right off the bat I'm not following, though I think some kind of explanation of my new habits was in order.) I'll let you get acquainted with their site in order to find their Daily Blogging Prompt page. Or you can go to The Daily Post blog to get daily one word ideas! Other qutie creatively presented writing prompts can be found on The Writing Prompts Tumblr page 

Happy Tuesday, November

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