Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sale EXTENDED...this piece is a steal (being gold and all ;) )

The sale has been extended to midnight 8//30/16! 

A few FYI's on this particular piece of clothing.

 1) 40% off of $40 is $24 (plus shipping, not sure exactly but shipping on SIX pieces of clothing cost me $9.50. Code: TICKTOCK
2) Though other items are hand made in India or Pakistan and take 4 - 6 weeks special order, this one is ready to go!
3) VIDA has all their clothing makers take literacy classes.
4) I donate to World Vision who will make sure that money goes to prevent or intervene in human trafficking specifically in Thailand.
What is not to like about all that!

Heather J. Kirk
Art by Heather J. Kirk www.heather-kirk.artistwebsites.com and AEC.pixels.com
Literature by Heather J. Kirk http://www.photographicartistry.citymax.com/Books.html 

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