The Best HCG Diet

I lost 17 pounds in 40 days
Please tell them by e-mail after order that Heather Kirk sent you - HJKirk at sign juno dot com. Thanks!
HCG is the best diet, the fastest diet, most successful diet for me personally. And I believe it will be for you also. The Official HCG Diet Plan is, in fact, it is the only diet that has worked for me.
Here 's the truth...I did not lose the often quoted 2 pounds per day, if that amount is ever real, I  imagine it is only with those using daily RX injections from a doctor. I want to make clear I am referring to Homeopathic HCG Drops -the over the counter version.

Instead, I personally did lose 17 pounds in 40 days - on two separate occasions. I can't promise the same for you, but very few people would complain if they got even close to the same results.

ALL DROPS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! Here is a link to the only brand that worked for me: Free Shipping on official hcg diet plan (Please tell them by e-mail after order that Heather Kirk sent you - HJKirk at sign juno dot com. Thanks!)

Silly me, I tried three different brands, even though the first brand (shared here) worked perfectly. But I had only purchased a 1 oz bottle (bad idea - go for the 2 oz). Why would I try other brands if I knew this one worked?

Stupid reasons I tried a different brand than the one that works.

1 - Another brand was "cheaper" - except when you spend money on a product that does not work, it turns out to be expensive, not cheap.

2 - I bought from my doctor's office - though she prefers to administer the RX injections. Those drops had so many other additives, I was wired and couldn't sleep for 10 days! If the drops work as they should, you don't need appetite suppressants added to them. The only thing added to "my brand" is B12, not even alcohol! (Other vitamin and mineral support can be ordered separately - so you can take or leave them!)

3 - I borrowed another brand my mom had given up on - just to hold me over until the right ones arrived!  Thank God they were overnighted to me! Hungry!!!! (which most likely means not active)

The Official HCG Diet Plan DropsThe Official HCG Diet Plan Drops is also the only brand that worked for me in all of the following ways:

Tell them you were referred by Heather Kirk  HJKirk(at sign)juno(dot)com

a) I lost weight
b) I was not hungry
c) I did not crave sugar or carbs
d) I had plenty of energy
e) I did not get headaches or migraines - and this is a big one for me. Not only did I NOT have those hunger-headaches typical with diets, but I also did not have my usual 6 - 8 migraines per month that I have had since I was a child!

Through midnight 3/31/17

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